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No Squad Needed

Let us take care of lots of your personal and small business technology needs. We can handle everything from fixing your laptop to getting your infrastructure running for your new business, to creating your website, to designing your logo, to helping you understand new (or old!) technology.

Fairly Priced Projects

We promise to give you an honest estimate for your project and to bill you fairly.

Consultative Approach

We want to produce just what you need. So indulge us if we ask a lot of questions!

Fast turnaround

We know you want to get going with whatever you need, so we’ll get started asap!

Web Design

Let us build your starter website or add or fix something on your existing one! If we don’t know how to do something, we’ll either learn how to do it on our own nickel or let you know it’s just not our expertise. Then we will try to help find an expert.

Branding and Art

Let us help you craft your new perfect logo, design your flyer or ad, or create a form for your business. Or maybe you just need some cool new photographic art or keepsakes for your office or home. You’ve come to the right place!

We can fix or upgrade most computers and laptops — including some Apple Mac™

Computer Repair or Upgrade

We can help repair your computer if it’s not working or upgrade a component or two to make your computer feel like new.

“Let’s create something good together!”

– Chad Chervitz

Let’s work together on your next project!