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About Us

Lucky and me back in the day!

Our Story

My name is Chad Chervitz and I’m the founder of LuckyDog Technology. Lucky was my very first dog who I still thank for teaching me many lessons in life (see my sister company at LuckyDog Snaps if you want to know more). I wanted to honor the memory of the furriest of my best friends so this company is named in his honor.

I’ve always been good at using and putting technology to work. As a little boy, I wrote an accounts receivable system for my dentist. I didn’t ask for any payment; I just did it for fun! Sure enough, my dentist loved it and promptly sent me a check for $200! To an eleven-year-old, this was a huge amount of money! I’ve been in the tech world and doing tech gigs for people ever since.

Not much has changed since then (well, except for the technology parts)! Even though I still mostly do this for fun, I do now have to charge for my time and work. For some reason, my landlord charges me more money for rent than my parents used to! Oh to be an eleven-year-old again!

We are driven by values

We hate when people over-charge just cause they can get away with it. We hate when people promise things and then don’t deliver. We hate when people lose patience with people who might not be as adept with technology as they are. So, we abide by the following values.

Be fair. Be honest. Be patient. Be good.

We just like to do right by people because that’s how we like to be treated ourselves. Let us know what you need by reaching out to us below, and we’ll see if we can be of any help to you!

Super Kind

As a Midwesterner living in New York, I might walk at a mean clip, but I’ll only give you nice lip! Anyone who we bring on to help with a project must also pass our nice-person test!

Deeply Committed

Nothing makes us happier to create something of value that helps others.

Operates With Integrity

We work hard to keep up our knowledge, but these days there’s just so much stuff to know! So if we can’t do something well for you or don’t feel we’re the right team to do it, we will let you know upfront.

Chad Chervitz

Founder and Owner